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Borrida de ratjada

· Put olive oil, potatoes (cut in slices, not too thin) and ray (already prepared, skin taken off, washed, cut into pieces) in clay pot or pan, add seasonings

· Cut onion, tomatoes, pepper and garlic and add with laurel leaves and white wine

· Season with saffron and cook on low heat (covered by lid)

· Cut and mingle garlic, parsley, almonds and fried bread (cut into small mouth-friendly pieces)

· When dish starts boiling, add garlic, parsley, almonds and bread, season and serve when potatoes get soft

Ingredients 6 Portions
1,5 kg ray/skate
1,5 kg potatoes
1 onion
2 tomatoes
2 red pepper
2 green pepper
1 garlic head
1 parsley
3 laurel leaves
1 piece of (old fried) bread
½ cup olive oil
1 glass white wine

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