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Frit de matances

· Cut ribs into pieces of 5 cm length and bacon in mouth-friendly pieces, loin and liver in thin filets

· Heat some olive oil in pan, roast lard till it dissolves, add bacon and ribs together with garlic

· When they get golden, add loin and liver filets, as well as pepper, broken into pieces by hand (do NOT use knife, try the Balearic way) and laurel leaves, add seasonings.

· When pepper is well done, add potatoes already pre-roasted in separate pan, mingle gently and serve

Ingredients 6 raciones
6 Portions

½ kg loin
300 g ribs
200 g pig liver
200 g bacon
some lard
2 red pepper
1 kg potato
4 laurel leaves
1 garlic head
½ cup olive oil
salt, pepper
OPCIONAL: 200 g pig lung and 400 g mushrooms

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