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The arts and crafts or craftsmanship survive on the islands thanks to the fact that the elders preserve and transmit their knowledge onto the next generation.

There are many craftsmen who dedicate their knowledge, time and energy to create iron furniture, traditional jewellery or leather pieces. Many of these objects can be bought on the various markets around the island or in small shops in the port of Ibiza. The town of Sant Rafael is considered the centre of craftsmanship. Many potters open their workshops to the public all-year-round in order to show and sell their pieces of art. There are still some experts who fabricate ancient musical instruments and teach youngsters how to make them. The majority of these instruments are used by the members of the typical local dance groups.

Feria Plaça D'Art
Horario orientativo, de 10 a 14 y de 17 a 22 horas.
Semana Santa, Paseo Vara de Rey, Ibiza.


Feria Sa Tardor
Horario orientativo, de 10 a 14 y de 17 22 horas.
Ultima semana de Septiembre hasta primera semana de Octubre. Paseo Vara de Rey, Ibiza.


Craftsmanship forms part of the Ibicencan culture. Due to the island's isolation, it's people have had to adapt their products to every day labours.

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